Presentation of Minerva S.A.

Minerva S.A. is a company based in Quito, Ecuador, that since 1992 has
dealt with Industrial Goods, both for local resale as well as in indent

The company was traditionally specially linked to Paint, Coatings and
Resin Industries since it is a part of the Pinturas Condor Corporation,
( one of the largest and most prestigious
corporations in the country and the first to obtain as ISO 9001

The company has diversified progressively, first towards the plastics,
rubber, construction and oil industries and since the end of 1997 to-
wards the food ingredient industry.  This last sector is the one the
company will pay most attention to in the future.

Our sales volume yearly is some US$ 1.5 million from local stock and
some US$ 2 million indent sales.  Our staff is very young (average age
under 29 years), highly motivated and well trained (almost 5 years of
university on the average).

We have specialized sales and operational staff, we currently sell in
Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Manta and Ambato.  We have warehouses in Quito
and Guayaquil.

Some of the companies we represent

Creanova Inc.
Biocide and Paint Tinting manufacturer
OCI International
Organic and Inorganic Chemicals
Union Camp
TOFA, resins, hot melts
Huber Engineered Minerals
Several non metallic minerals
Química Industrial Montes
Bread and dow conditioners
Química Industrial SPES
Manufacturers of a series of fish oil based products
Servo Delden BV
Fine coatings additives
Kuk Do Chemical
Epoxy resins and Curing Agents
Degussa - Hüls AG
One of the world's largest specialty chemicals companies

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